End for coal-fired generation could hike rates

Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative leaders are warning of a potential end for new coal-fired generating facilities in the country. And potentially that bodes badly for Blue Ridge’s ratepayers. If a certain scenario comes to be, Blue Ridge general manager Charles Dalton predicts, co-op customers could see their bills rise by 53%. The EPA has become increasingly concerned about climate change and coal-fired generation could wind up in the the federal government’s crosshair. In a meeting with reporters, Dalton said the end for additional coal-fueled plants could come through regulatory action. But, in advance of that, Blue Ridge and other allies are pitching a fight. They are collecting signatures on pledge cards to be sent to the EPA and to the members of the South Carolina congressional delegation. On 96.3/WGOG NEWS today, Blue Ridge’s Terry Ballenger lists the ways you can sign a pledge card and be heard.