Exception made for cell tower

Oconee County made an exception last night to allow a cell phone tower in a Lake Keowee area plagued by spotty reception. The special exception to the zoning law will allow American Tower Company, on behalf of A-T-and-T, to put up a 180-foot mono-pole along Stamp Creek Road. “Under the ordinance we would have the right to request up to 250’. Being a little more sensitive here we are coming in at 180’, not with the lattice, the three-sided tower, that most of them are in the county, but the monopole, which visually is the most innocuous the most visually pleasing,” Jonathan Yates, attorney for American Tower, told the board. The county Board of Zoning Appeals gave its approval as it wrapped up a near 90-minute hearing. Several members of the audience raised their hands to support the application, although two members of the public questioned whether the board had fully investigated all of the ramifications.