Expanded bus service to begin

The company awarded an Oconee County job to study expanded bus passenger service will begin its work in the next few weeks. In the meantime, the county’s transit advisory task force will delay its next meeting in anticipation of the work to be carried out by the company URS. The URS’s Chip Berger said his company will be in touch with Clemson Area Transit to obtain data. The study will incorporate the likely routes for expanding service from Seneca to Walhalla and Westminster, as well as determining what kinds of buses will be required and how many drivers. “The good news is something already happening in Seneca and it’s successful and it’s something we can build on that initial success and push it out to other areas of the county,” Berger told the task force committee last night. A couple members of the task force would like to see some type of passenger bus, even if it is just a van, run to rural parts of the county such as Salem, Long Creek, and the southern parts of Oconee.