Explosives Amnesty Week Begins

Oconee County along with four other upstate counties is participating in “Explosives Amnesty” this week.  Monday October 22 through Friday October 26, residents of Oconee, Pickens, Anderson, Abbeville and Greenville counties can contact their local sheriff’s department to have any explosives, ammunition, weapons, bomb materials or military ordnance removed from their property.  Authorities will request information about the materials to be collected and where they are stored, but residents are not required to provide their names.  No criminal charges related to any hazardous materials reports or collected will be filed against residents who participate in “Explosives Amnesty Week.”  Citizens are reminded that no matter how old explosives may be, they are still dangerous.  Citizens are also reminded to contact the sheriff’s department via the NON EMERGENCY  phone number.  For Oconee residents, the non emergency number is 638-4111.  The non-emergency number of Pickens is 898-5500; for Anderson, 260-4022, Greenville, 271-5210, and Abbeville 446-6000.  You should call 911 ONLY in the event of an actual emergency. Do not use the 911 service to participate in the amnesty program.