Faires: “We’re going to think of something else”

A committee of Seneca officials and Adams subdivision residents had trouble last night deciding a name for their group, but they had no trouble coming up with ideas for an alternate use of the property for which the city has contracted to build a utilities complex. At the start last night, utilities superintendent Bob Faires encouraged any and all ideas. Standing behind meeting leader Faires, Seneca’s Ed Halbig wrote down suggestions that included library, picnic tables, aquatic center, water park, splash pad, and tennis and basketball courts. There were suggestions for tearing down the former Kellett Elementary School building and leaving the property green. About one hour into the meeting Faires indicated he has not given up the idea that the 12-acre property could still be used for a new home for the utilities department. He suggested that some of the committee’s ideas could be incorporated into a new utilities complex. At that, however, Adams subdivision resident Sandra Gray rose from the audience and said the idea of a utilities complex there was the entire reason her neighborhood had organized in opposition. Committee members agreed that, to help them compile their recommendations to the mayor and council, they should tour the building from the inside. The committee’s inspection of the former school building was set for Monday, December 9.