Father’s appreciation to OC Sheriff’s Office

An Oconee father today expressed public appreciation for what’s called the fine investigative work from the county Sheriff’s Office that reunited him with his children. The four girls have been returned to the custody of Bob Bennett. The girls’ mother, Laverne Bennett, was placed in custody in Idaho and faces charges of custodial interference. An announcement by Bob Bennett’s attorney, Julian Stoudemire of Seneca, states, “Immediately upon confirming custody and primary placement, Gentry Hawk worked tirelessly to insure the safe return of the children to Mr. Bennett. With help from Greg Reed, and particularly Jimmy Watt, law enforcement sprang into action to recover the children safely disseminating the information nationwide.” Once data entered the National Crime Information Center, Idaho Highway Patrol used a license plate electronic radar system to locate the children with the suspect mother at a rest area near the Washington state line.