Filming on Ram Cat Alley Monday

This Story from WSNW Radio’s Chad Dorsett

Filming began this week in Oconee County on the feature film ‘Elbow
Grease’. This romantic comedy set in a small town began shooting
throughout Oconee County on September 30th and on Monday, October 7th Ram
Cat Alley in downtown Seneca will be the backdrop for a street festival
scene, explains ‘Elbow Grease’ co-producer Matt Zboyovski. “Monday,
October 7th, we’re going to be on Ram Cat Alley hosting the ‘Guppie
Festival’, which is a fictional scene in the movie. We are inviting people
out to be extras in the movie. It is a big set piece that leads into the
movie’s finale. We are very excited about that, we have had an amazing
amount of support in order to get that done. Seneca has been just awesome
to us, it is just a picture perfect place and we couldn’t be happier to be
here and so welcome. Ram Cat Alley is what started making Seneca the home
of ‘Guppie’ for the movie. It just really fit everything in the script.
So, Monday, October 7th, if you want to come
hang out with us and be a part of the movie, please send us your
information and we will be in touch.” Between 200 and 250 extras are needed
for the street festival scene. Crews will be filming scenes around Lake
Keowee, Seneca and Oconee County over the next two months.