Foothills “Y” reaches out to Seneca

At Seneca’s request, the Foothills YMCA made a presentation for its revised plans to open the first YMCA serving Oconee County and surrounding areas. Seneca is faced with an estimate that it would have to spend at least $200 thousand to once again provide swimming to the public. As part of its decision-making process, the city council decided to consider what the Y could offer in the way of public swimming. And the Y’s Fred Stutzman says his project is looking for financial partners. He said a something for everyone approach should appeal to industry on behalf of its employees to stay physically fit, to the Oconee School District which has no swimming programs, and Oconee Medical Center, which could employ the Y’s therapeutic facility to help patients recover from injury. According to Mayor Dan Alexander, if the Y chooses to build in the nearby Bountyland community that location would be convenient to its city and its free bus service. Stutzman said there are three potential locations. The Foothills “Y” had planned to build on S.C. 130 near Oconee Nuclear Station, but a commercial project fell victim to the severe recession at the end of the last decade. Without making any commitment, Seneca leaders listened last night and asked questions, including when a “Y” could be built. Stutzman says that depends on money.  The full cost could be $6.6 million.  As Stutzman said:  “It ain’t cheap.”