For govt., it’s a shutdown Wednesday!

Be careful if you are out there! The first snowfall of the season has led to a spate of closings for today affecting non-essential services of local and area government. Oconee County Dispatch reported a few accidents over night and several vehicles left by the road sides. The primary roads and highways, for the most part, have been cleared, but not the secondary roads that get the lowest priority during snow and icy conditions. Snow has frozen on surfaces and, combined with the road sand and the normal potholes, many surfaces are left bumpy along the way of the morning commute—causing jolts and surprises for motorists. Oconee County public schools are closed today. County offices are also closed, so is Seneca City Hall. State government offices and their employees automatically follow the same winter weather decisions made by the county officials where the state office is physically located. Clemson University operations and facilities are opening at noon today.