“For such extrajudicial statements”

Solicitor Chrissy Adams has disclosed details as to why she’s headed for court in Anderson tomorrow for a gag order in the state’s criminal case against James Bartee. Adams this afternoon announced she’ll move in front of Judge Lawton McIntosh to restrain parties from, what she calls, further extrajudicial statements. She’s alleging that Bartee lawyer Jake Moore is quoted in stories that aired on 96.3/WGOG and appeared in both The Journal and the Anderson Independent that create a likelihood the jury pool will be tainted and the integrity of trial compromised. In a notice of her planned motions at 11 tomorrow morning at the Anderson Courthouse, Adams said the State vehemently denies certain statements, including Moore’s assertion last Friday that the original recording between his client and informant Nicholas Blackwell had been destroyed. (Reporter’s note:  the start time for the hearing has been CHANGED from 10:30 a-m to 11 a-m.)