Former plant property “under contract”

Oconee County property that, for decades, was home to the Milliken-DeFore textile manufacturing operation is closer to a new use. It’s the 40-acres or so near the 93-123 juncture that backs up to Lake Hartwell. At this month’s meeting of the county Economic Development Commission, the property was referred to as a “planned commercial, mix-use development.” And Richard Blackwell, EDC director, confirmed to 96.3/WGOG NEWS this morning the property is under contract to Anderson County’s New Spring Church—the church with which former Congressman Gresham Barrett is now associated. “The church is looking to not only utilize that land for its church purposes but really package it to where it is a high-end, mix-use commercial development to bring some new retail and restaurant opportunities to Oconee County,” Blackwell said. Because of its proximity to Clemson University, James Barker, Clemson’s President, had expressed public interest in acquiring the property for university use.