Gearing up for General Election 2014

A half dozen Oconeeans last night were told to make room on their calendars for a great deal of preparation leading to General Election November 2014. That’s Oconee County’s next opportunity to convince the citizenry of the worthiness of paying an extra penny of sales tax for a project or projects for the public good. The six are the appointees to Oconee’s latest Capital Project Sales Tax Commission. Home builder Russell Price and retired county employee Thelma Miller were elected chairman and vice-chairman respectively. Price, Miller and the four others have the responsibility to compile a project list to be forwarded to County Council for approval and then, ultimately, a place on the 2014 ballot in the form of a binding referendum. The county’s strategic planner, Art Holbrooks, recited the law as it applies to a one-cent sales tax proposition. If approved by the voters, the tax would start May 1, 2015.