Good night to be an incumbent

The voters were kind to the incumbents, not just for the highest office in the land, but in every instance where an Oconee County incumbent faced a challenger. Once again, however, Oconee County sided with the Republican nominee for President, giving Mitt Romney more than 70% of the vote. And it was a large vote, as the returns showed a near 87% turnout countywide. Oconeeans gave a big vote to Republican Congressman Jeff Duncan, who out tallied Democrat Brian Doyle 73% to 24%. In the race that drew the greatest attention, Mike Crenshaw captured 54% of the vote, compared with Terry Wilson’s approximate 28% and Donnie Fricks 18 and a quarter percent. Oconeeans returned their two resident members of the State House of Representatives. Republican Bill Whitmire in District One took 76 and a half percent of the vote. Democrat John Hester placed second and Republican petition candidate John Dalen third. In District Two, Republican Bill Sandifer won more than 73 percent of the vote, compared with petition challenger Ed Rumsey’s 25%. Voters in Districts Four and Five returned the Republican incumbents. In District Four, Joel Thrift won 49%. Republican petition candidate Frankie Pearson tallied 22 percent. Democrat Jack Collins received 29 percent. In District Five, Reg Dexter amassed 53 percent. His fellow Republican petition challengers James Glenn Hart and Greg Connally finished with 25 and nearly 20%. Auditor Ken Nix received 64 percent, compared to his Republican challenger Betsy Redmond, with 35.74%. The county sewer referendum was a winner, 57 to about 43 percent. All results announced last night are unofficial and are to be certified official on Friday.