Goodbye Yellow Brick Road!

After evaluation, South Carolina DOT has decided against saving the North Seed Farm Road Bridge crossing the railroad on secondary 64 in the Clearmont Community near Westminster. A letter Friday from SC DOT official Rob Perry states the final decision was the Secretary of Transportation’s concurrence with the recommendation to remove the existing bridge, which closed to traffic April 5. Among the factors: the cost of $350 thousand to repair and $3.5 million to replace. Perry also wrote, “I realize this news will not be celebrated in your community and may place an additional burden on your daily routine. However, SCDOT receives a limited amount of federal funding each year to address the state’s bridge replacement and rehabilitation needs. With over 1,600 substandard bridges statewide, the funds needed for bridge replacements greatly exceed the limited amount of funds available. Many of our bridges are nearing the end of their usual life and are in need of repair or replacement in order to maintain a safe and efficient highway system….” The DOT’s public information meeting on the bridge November 29 attracted 39 people, 30 submitted comments, and a petition with nearly 300 signatures.