Graham and Gowdy protest

Senator Lindsey Graham and Greenville-Spartanburg Congressman Trey Gowdy sent a letter today to the U-S Attorney General requesting documents pertaining to the Department of Justice’s opposition to South Carolina’s Voter ID law. Republicans Graham and Gowdy expressed concerns that an approval recommendation by career Voting Section experts was ignored and overruled by Democratic President Obama appointees at the Justice Department. The two wrote: “It is troubling that scarce funds are likely being wasted opposing common sense legislation that was cleared by the Department’s own nonpartisan experts….” South Carolina last year passed a law aimed at preventing voter fraud by requiring voters to present a photo ID at the polls. The ID is free and anyone with a reasonable impediment to obtaining the ID may vote after completing an affidavit. Opponents, such as the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, say the law will disenfranchise minority voters and claims South Carolina has not advanced any specific or credible evidence of voter impersonation fraud in the state.