Graham sends letter to Russian ambassador

U-S Senator Lindsey Graham released a letter he has written to the Russian ambassador to the United States about Edward Snowden, alleged leaker of U-S secrets. It reads: “Mr. Ambassador: Media reports have indicated that Mr. Edward Snowden took a flight from Hong Kong to Moscow on Sunday, June 23, 2013. Reports also indicate that Mr. Snowden remains in Russia after failing to depart for a third country this morning. As I am sure you are aware, Mr. Snowden is wanted in the United States for criminal violations and should stand trial for his actions. The Snowden case is an important test of the ‘reset’ in relations between our two countries. Mr. Snowden’s own statements have made clear his guilt. If our two nations are to have a constructive relationship moving forward, Russian cooperation in this matter is essential. If Mr. Snowden is still on Russian territory, I urge your government to apprehend him and turn him over to the United States authorities immediately. Sincerely, Lindsey Graham.”