Graham to enroll in Obamacare SC

U-S Senator Lindsey Graham will enroll in Obamacare’s South Carolina health care exchange and forego the special taxpayer subsidy available to members of Congress. “I don’t think Members of Congress should get a special deal,” Graham said in a statement from Washington. “Obamacare is being pushed on the American people and we should live under it just like everyone else,” he said. Under a special exemption, Graham could have enrolled in the DC Health Link exchange and the government would have continued to subsidize about 75% of his health care premium. That exemption applied to Congressional members and their staff. Senators earn a salary of $174 thousand a year. “As a 58-year old male living in Oconee County, my insurance costs are going up about $400 a month, more than 200 percent under Obamacare,” said Graham. The senator vowed to continue to fight to repeal, replace, defund and allow Americans to opt-out of the program.