Greenville Man Honored Heroic Deed

A Greenville man is being recognized for his efforts to help a burn victim. Charles Garretson has been awarded the Greenville City Fire Department’s Exceptional Citizen Service Award. Fire Chief Steve Kovalcik says Garretson was recognized for his actions on May 7 following a gas tank explosion at The Vinings at Laurel Creek Apartment complex. During the incident, a resident was working on his vehicle in a garage when sparks caused a gas tank to explode setting the garage and the man on fire. Garretson heard cries for help and helped the victim by extinguishing the fire and removing the smoldering clothes from the victim. He also kept the garage fire in check until firefighters arrived.  The victim suffered severe burns over 60 percent of his body, but his injuries would have been much worse or fatal if Garretson had not intervened. Battalion Chief Alfred McElrath described Garretson’s actions as heroic, adding that he possibly saved the life of his neighbor and helped ensure than other families living in his building were not displaced due to fire.