Gun Shop crowds greets Congressman

Congressman Jeff Duncan, an NRA member and advocate for gun control rights, is hearing today from Oconee County residents as part of his Second Amendment listening tour. Duncan attracted a crowd of around 75 at the Gun Shop on Walhalla’s Main Street. And he told 96.3/WGOG NEWS said he’s in Washington, fighting for people’s rights, not just the right to bear arms. The Congressman likes the NRA President’s idea for armed guards in the schools, though it’ll cost money. Duncan turned to the crowd and insisted he wanted to hear what they have to say. And the first to speak was a 71-year old Seneca woman who said she is proficient in the use of firearms and possesses a concealed carry permit. She vowed that to confiscate her firearms, the government, and these were her words, “truly would have to kill me first.”