Happy Ending to I-85 Accident

Via MJ Kneiser

A family involved in a wreck on I-85 over the weekend found their puppy late Wednesday morning after asking the public for help.

The 13-week old Shihtzu puppy was ejected from the Parks family van during the wreck on I-85 northbound Saturday between mile markers 154 and 155.  Frances Parks suffered a broken arm, but the worst hurt of all was losing her puppy in the melee’ that followed.

After searching all weekend without success, the Parks family turned to the local media for help.

“My husband and son searched all day Saturday and Sunday after the accident and couldn’t find her anywhere,” Frances Parks said Wednesday afternoon. “We don’t know if someone took her or if she just ran and hid. There is a field nearby and she’s afraid of loud noises. So, maybe she ran there.”

The Parks are from Riverdale, Georgia, 100 miles south of where the accident happened in Franklin County.  After searching with no luck, they made the sad journey back home.

The puppy, named Abigail, was described as a three-month old brindle colored Shihtzu wearing a black sweater, pink collar, and red harness with an orange bow in her hair.  Word of the puppy’s disappearance went out over local radio stations but it was the Parks themselves who found their lost pup.

“This morning, my husband and I  drove back up there one more time and walked along the Interstate where the accident was. He looked up to the top of the hill and there she was – just sitting there,” Mrs Parks said. “It was like she was just waiting for us to come get her. It was a total miracle of God.”

Parks said little Abigail was disheveled and hungry, but none the worse for her ordeal.

“She’s hungry and her little orange bow is missing, but we’re just so thankful to have her back with us,” a tearful Parks said Wednesday.