“High risk” drug bust near Salem

Three people have been arrested near Salem in what Oconee Sheriff’s Office refers to as a high-risk drug bust. Besides the arrests, the operation carried out by SWAT, vice and narcotics officers late Wednesday afternoon netted the seizure of guns and what the Sheriff’s Office says a tool box that contained meth, marijuana and prescription drugs. According to the Sheriff’s Office announcement, Richard Edwin Campbell, 53, of Cross Creek Road was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession with intent to distribute clonazepam. The Cross Creek Road address near Whitewater Falls Road was the scene for the bust. Thomas William Campbell, 34, of Carmel Ridge Road was charged with possession of Xanax and possession of methamphetamine. Steven James Johnson, 27, of Shack Hollow Road, was charged with meth possession. According to officers, Richard Edwin Campbell was arrested August 20 on charges of manufacturing marijuana after a state police helicopter detected marijuana plants at Campbell’s Cross Creek Road home.