“Honoring Their Service” is donation recipient

Honoing service The non-profit group that helps organize and sponsor events for active duty Marines, as well as the upstate Wounded Warrior regiment, is the recipient of a donation to help it do its work. Board members of “Honoring Their Service” were presented a check for $585 dollars by representatives of Liberty Festivals and Events. The donation represents dollars raised by Liberty Festivals and Events’ Memorial Weekend “Wounded Warrior Benefit Ride”—a motorcycle ride that began at the old Liberty High School stadium and ended with a memorial and music in downtown Liberty. The signature event for Honoring Their Service will be this month’s event that brings more than 40 Marines to Oconee County and the upstate for rest and relaxation on the local rivers and lakes. The public is invited to participate in a welcoming parade Monday, June 23—either joining the motorcycle honor escort or by lining the parade route.