Hospital I-T switch Monday

In a few days, Oconee Medical Center implements a new information technology system for medical records. Hunter Kome, vice president for OMC operations, says the switch to Paragon takes place Monday, with practice the rest of the week. The new system will make OMC eligible for federal stimulus funds to help offset the costs to switch. The goal will be to ensure that patients receive the right medication in the right time and, through technology, it’s to eliminate any confusion over a doctor’s written instructions to nurses and other staff. And it is to do this in what’s intended to be a secure system of patient information. When Bob Becker, a board member, asked what would stop someone unauthorized from typing in the OMC-Paragon computer address and gaining access. It won’t happen, according to information officer Jay Hansen. As Becker posed the hypothetical question, Hansen repeatedly shook his head no.