Hotel gets variance from zoning law

The members of a Seneca appeals board were in a forgiving mood last night when it came to a mistake of a few feet in the calculations for a sign to advertise the city’s new Hampton Inn and Suites. At question was a small free-standing sign along E.N. 1st Street. Hampton Inn and Suites requested and received approval to allow the sign to remain even though it sits about three and a quarter feet beyond the setback line. Chad Ridgeway of Electric City Signs and Neon of Anderson took responsibility for the error. “I do give my crews site plans. But occasionally, in the field doing measurements, it is easy to get off a foot or two when placing measurements,” Ridgeway told the Board of Zoning Appeals. The board granted the variance after finding that the case met the city’s criteria for an exception. However, board member John Luedeman questioned the value of a code if it is not enforced.