I-85 drug bust in broad daylight

Two North Carolina residents in a car passing through Oconee County on Interstate-85 are in trouble with the law—for what officers say was found inside their 2007 Chevy Tahoe. Oconee Sheriff’s Office announces the car carried four pounds of methamphetamine with an estimated street value of $180 thousand. According to officers, the car was stopped for a traffic violation around 11 yesterday morning on I-85 northbound at exit 4—the SC 243/Fair Play exit near the Oconee-Anderson line. Yair -Ortega Guzman, 33, and Maria Carmen Herrera, 32, were on their way to Asheville from Gainesville, Georgia. Instead, they were transported to the Oconee Jail—charged with trafficking and conspiracy for the crime of trafficking. “We are between two hubs for drug activity, which are Atlanta and Charlotte,” said Capt. Ken Washington of the Oconee Special Operations Division. “You want to be able to get that type of quantity of meth, because it is going to be disbursed into smaller weights. 454 grams equals 1 pound and typically, a gram of meth can be sold for up to $100.”