I-85 fatality ID’d as Alabaman

Lake Hartwell Radio WLHR in Lavonia, Georgia reports that Franklin County authorities have identified the man killed late last week in a fiery truck crash on I-85. “The driver’s name is Mitchell Ray Faulkner,” said Sheriff Stevie Thomas. “He is from Glencoe, Alabama. The company he was driving for is Dairyman Supply, Inc. out of Gadsden, Alabama.” Franklin County investigators resorted to legwork of the old-fashioned kind to overcome the loss to fire of all identification. Once they determined the employer, investigators pulled Faulkner’s driver’s license up on their computer. The crash occurred last Friday. The 47-year old Faulkner was reported missing by his family two days later, when he did not return home on schedule. Authorities have quoted witnesses as saying the driver of the southbound truck never hit his brakes, veered to the right shoulder and into a ditch. The truck hit two trees and exploded.