In one month, gas price drops 16 cents

The average price for gas at the pump in South Carolina has reached its lowest point in 2013. And the motor club AAA has determined the price has fallen 16 cents in one month. The South Carolina average was $3.09, although some Oconee County convenience stores have priced regular below $3 dollars. Angela Vogel Daley says not lost on AAA Carolinas is the realization that some younger drivers have never experienced prices below $3 dollars. “$3 dollar a gallon for gas used to seem like a lot and now I think it’s typical. So, when we see gas prices fall below $3, people start to notice and feel gas is getting cheap,” Angela Vogel Daley of AAA Carolinas said today. The drop is a result of decreased demand because of the end of the summer driving season, refineries’ switch to cheaper winter fuel blends and lower crude oil prices. According to AAA, you can expect prices to continue to drop between now and Thanksgiving.