In the event an electric bus catches fire

Seneca anticipates the arrival of a fleet of electric-power passenger buses to run Clemson Area Transit routes throughout the city and adjoining areas. To prepare, electric power-charging stations are being established. But what in the event one of those buses catches fire. How do the firemen extinguish fire in an electric bus? Chief Jan Oliver says 25 of his fire fighters benefited from a training session conducted last night by a technician. “It covered the bus, how to secure the bus, what steps to shut the bus down if something happens to the driver. We took a ride up to the charging station in front of Oconee Medical Center. He showed us how the charging station operated, if there’s an incident at the charging station, how to shut it down,” Oliver says. And the chief says it was a great relief to his fire fighters to go thru a two and a half hour training session that de-mystified the new technology that electric buses bring.