Injured hiker rescued near the Chattooga

Four Oconee County rescuers made their way to the Ellicott Rock wilderness area to come to the aid of a hiker. Scott Krein, emergency services director, said the woman suffered a broken ankle. The hiker and her daughter were spending yesterday on the trail when the mother fell. The daughter signaled another hiker for help. That hiker, after walking three to four miles, was able to place a 9-1-1 call. Once alerted, according to Oconee Fire Chief Charlie King, the rescuers needed two hours to walk in. A S.C. Helicopter Aquatic Rescue team assisted in the operation. An awaiting ambulance eventually transported the injured hiker to the Oconee Medical Center, but it was past dark when the remaining rescue workers and the injured hiker’s daughter were able to walk out. King says there were a number of reasons why the rescue succeeded. The first, being the fact that the hikers had prepared for the day with food, water, and basic necessities. They had made a plan with other family members in case there were an emergency they would know how to react. Second, King said, the training Oconee County has provided its rescuers proved valuable in yesterday’s setting of rough mountainous terrain.