Insurance policies cover Sumter crime victims

From a financial standpoint, the Sumter team in the Dixie Boys World Series in Seneca should be made whole for its equipment lost to thieves outside its motel. Rick Lacey, Seneca Recreation Director and city host to the visiting teams, says Sumter can benefit from multiple insurance policies. “The Dixie program also has insurance for something like this….We have insurance, the teams also have insurance,” he said. Lacey agreed with the sentiment expressed to 96.3/WGOG NEWS by one Seneca businessman who said what happened outside the Sumter team’s motel “makes us look bad.” Financial compensation is one thing, but what about how the theft affected Sumter’s play on the field. “The next game they came out they scored a good many runs with their new bats….The game after that they played really well and (it) didn’t seem to faze them,” Lacey said. The tourney is down to its last four teams, with the title game to be decided tomorrow. The break-in to the Sumter team’s trailer outside the Quality Inn is being investigated by the Oconee Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s officers are faced with solving another crime nearby. Someone over the weekend stole a $400 dollar chest freezer and other possessions from behind the Bakers Dogs restaurant at Applewood Shopping Center.