Is it selling in today’s real estate market?

Next time you have a house or some land to sell, consider the licensed agents who belong to the Western Upstate Association of Realtors. That’s a message imparted by Peggy Hill at today’s meeting of the Oconee Alliance, a public-private group working to better Oconee County. Hill serves as president/chief executive officer of the association, and she recited statistics about Oconee County home and property sales and contrasted them to a year ago. While licensed real estate agents stand at the ready to help you in your transaction, the meeting audience was told that state lawmakers could help facilitate their sales. Seneca realtor Perry Rogers complained that a higher tax rate applied to the sales of second homes retards sales, and he told of how he lost a potential $1 million sale when the couple instead chose to buy at Lake Burton, Georgia, in a state that, as Rogers described it, doesn’t penalize second home owners over primary home owners.