Let’s talk about…raising taxes!

Politically unpopular it may be, but a Walhalla elected official wants to engage the citizenry in the idea of raising taxes—for the good of the city. Councilman/Mayor Pro-tem T-J Bagwell has announced date, time, and location for his public meeting with Walhalla residents to allow him to share his ideas of how raising taxes can better the city. The meeting will be 6 p-m Monday, February 25 in the activity room at Golden Corner Church, 350 Kenneth Street. Bagwell says he also wants to hear at the meeting what Walhallans think of his idea. He made clear yesterday to 96.3/WGOG NEWS that he is undertaking the endeavor on his own. The mayor and the rest of the council apparently have chosen to play no part in it. One idea that Bagwell has for additional tax revenue would be to create a savings account which can be used in the future for either making updates to the city water plant or building a new one. Now, Bagwell says, funds generated by water sales are used to help pay for other parts of city government, a practice the councilman would like to see stopped.