“Limited Government of Oconee” strategy meeting

Last night’s meeting of “Limited Government for Oconee” was limited in attendance. Eleven people attended, but those there vowed to work to increase their numbers between now and General Election time next year. Britt Adams of Seneca, who presided, led the group in strategy on working to defeat what’s expected to be a one-cent sales tax proposition bound for the General Election ballot in 2014. An Oconee County commission is now at work to gather potential projects for which to spend the penny tax. As expressed by Limited Government’s Judy Adams, the group will not oppose projects, but will base its opposition to the referendum on its belief that county government already has sufficient money, but chooses to spend it unwisely. The anti-tax group is considering several forms of media to spread its message—including radio, newspapers, and billboards. To increase its numbers, the group’s Britt Adams says he is talking to county residents living in Keowee Key and Little River communities. The public is invited to take part in meetings of the group Limited Government of Oconee. Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month at 6 p-m at 2036 Sandifer Boulevard near Seneca.