Long Creek authority’s perspective on community

When you sit on the grounds at a commercial river outfitter in Long Creek, you see people headed to and returning from riding the Chattooga. You also notice the popularity of zip rides through the tree lines. And you begin to realize the transformation of a small mountain community into something new. Even long-time Long Creek residents, sentimental for the bountiful apple crops of yester year, can appreciate the changes. There’s, perhaps, no better authority on Long Creek today and yesterday than Janice Matheson, whose family has roots there over generations. The majesty of the wild and scenic river that divides Long Creek, equi-distant from Westminster in South Carolina and Clayton in Georgia, is never lost on Matheson—especially the day after another apparent river drowning. In spite of all the tragedies, Matheson recommends the Chattooga experience to others—with one exception. She doesn’t recommend users attempt to navigate river section four.