Making jobs more alluring to the young

When asked what keeps him awake at night, Michelin Executive Vice President Wayne Culbertson says it’s the thought of not having a qualified and skilled manufacturing workforce. Since 1974, Culbertson has worked for Michelin in various roles, including plant manager of the Sandy Springs, Spartanburg, and Starr facilities. He spoke to a crowd of business, industrial, education, government and political leaders at Tri-County Tech’s Annual Report Luncheon. According to Culbertson, it’s Michelin’s mission to communicate to young people the rewarding and broad range of career opportunities available to them in manufacturing. He said the company is teaming with Tri-County and the other technical colleges in the state to make manufacturing jobs more attractive to students, starting in middle school. There will be 13 Michelin Tech scholars next year at Tri-County.