Maryland woman speaks for her jailed sister

A sister of an Oconee County woman jailed in Idaho says she wants the public to know that her sister is a loving mother. Maryland resident Kathy DeAngelis called 96.3/WGOG NEWS and asked if she could put in a good word for Laverne Bennett, the sister now held in a jail in Cour d’ Alene, Idaho. “Laverne is a wonderful and caring mother. She loves her girls very much. They are her first priority,” she said. DeAngelis says she has no idea why her sister wound up in the Far Western state where the family has no relatives or friends. By this afternoon, DeAngelis said she had yet to be able to speak to her sister, though she has called the Idaho jail. She’s unsure if her sister has legal counsel at this point. The four Bennett girls have been returned to the custody of their father, Bob Bennett. Mrs. Bennett was jailed and is reported to be facing charges of custodial interference.