McCall eyes dangerous exotic snake law

Most people know enough to stay away from dangerous snakes, but there are some people in Oconee County who fancy such snakes as pets. And that, County Councilman Wayne McCall fears, creates danger for them and others. As the chairman of the county committee concerned with public safety and health, McCall is seeking support for a law that would forbid county residents from keeping dangerous animals as pets. What got McCall thinking seriously was the recent news that one of the world’s most dangerous snakes, a viper, got loose from its owner in Charleston—-and no one could find it. McCall says he has become aware that some Oconeeans keep rattlesnakes, vipers and even cobras. He’s confident that Oconee Medical Center keeps venom to treat rattlesnake bites, but he believes local medical providers can do nothing to treat bites by the exotic snake. The councilman says he has elicited support from Oconee Sheriff Mike Crenshaw and, so far, has talked informally with his fellow council members.