Meeting at Hartwell Dam to be “historic”

A rare get together of the South Carolina and Georgia governors and their lieutenant governors is planned this month at the Hartwell Dam. There, the emphasis will be on water and how it’s managed in the large reservoir separating the two states. South Carolina State Representative Don Bowen of Anderson says it’s at this meeting, on the morning of Wednesday, September 18, an agreement is to be signed to allow for a long sought basin study to be undertaken. According to Bowen, as water becomes more valued and desired it’s important to manage it without the rancor that can lead to costly litigation. Thanks to this year’s abundant rainfall, Lake Hartwell has rebounded. But Bowen says because nature is unpredictable, there’s greater importance for cooperation among the states, the U-S Army Corps of Engineers and other players within the Savannah River Basin. On the 18th, at 10 a-m, there’s to be a meeting of the parties who are to sign the compact. At 11 a-m, the governors arrive and their meeting will be open to the general public.