Minister applauds OCC’s transit move

A Walhalla minister who has advocated an expansion of bus passenger service to his city and area applauds the move this week by Oconee County Council to form a transit authority task force. And the Rev. Richard Reams of St. Luke United Methodist has received an application to be considered for the task force. Over the last year, Reams has attended city and county meetings and was pleased by the results reported from the recently updated public survey. And, as for the need for a bus loop connecting Seneca with Walhalla and Westminster, Reams said, “I think the service can be helpful from any number of standpoints, from the people who don’t have the means to travel back-and-forth between the larger municipalities. I know folks from churches around here who’ve had recent surgeries and made driving difficulty,” Reams said. The minister also said there’s also the factor of saving gasoline.