Morreys get their audience at Pine Street

A Mountain Rest man and wife, critical of county government at this year’s budget hearing, got the audience they sought yesterday—a meeting with county officials that allowed them to make recommendations to improve government. When it comes to how tax dollars are spent for the public good, it was obvious at the start that John and Lyn Morrey share different philosophies than those of Councilman Paul Corbeil and County Administrator Scott Moulder. But, as the meeting proceeded, it became obvious that both sides may agree more than they disagree. The meeting started when the Morreys handed out a position paper in which they call for an end to land purchases and construction projects, such as spec buildings. When they turned discussion for the county to better service and meet the needs of existing industry, Moulder told the Morreys that the county’s second-year economic development recruiter, Richard Blackwell, makes a point of doing that twice a year. Moulder, Corbeil and Blackwell, who joined the meeting in progress, agreed with the Morreys’ call for the development of a tourism industry. The couple was told that Phil Shirley and Ken Sloan, in their capacities in the tourism field, endeavor to do just that all the time. And there was agreement that the Chattooga River and the county’s lakes can become greater destination points for visitors who’ll spend money to help the local economy.