Mountain Rest PO changes

Mountain Rest postal customers left their community meeting with the anticipation window hours will be reduced. They can bank, however, on at least having a community post office for the indeterminate future, though a postal official at the meeting cautioned that all post offices are under review. Bryan Cramer of the USPS announced the results of a community survey for which 296 responses were received. All but 40 of those who filled out the survey said they would prefer realigned hours over the other options given, such as allowing a nearby post office to handle their mail. According to a handout distributed at the start of the meeting, “After reviewing the surveys that were returned, and taking into account Postal Service operational needs, retail hours for this location will likely be: Mon-Fri 12:00 PM to 04:00 PM (and) Sat 0900 AM to 10 AM.” All information received at the meeting is to be taken into account before a final decision.