Movie scenes anticipated at High Falls

Filming for “Elbow Grease” moves to Oconee’s High Falls Park next week, giving rise to the belief that it’ll be there, at Lake Keowee, where Hollywood’s Burt Reynolds will join the shooting. The stars seem to be aligning for just that, as we learned today in an interview with Phil Shirley, director of Oconee Parks, Recreation and Tourism. “We have received word that they are going to be shooting out at High Falls Monday and possibly Tuesday, as well. I understand that Mr. Reynolds is part of the scene to be shot there…,” Shirley said. The High Falls filming may capture a picnic scene. There may be extras to help create a park setting in the beach area, and look for one of the actors to be in conversation with another at the boat docks. The park will be open during the Elbow Grease filming, but Shirley says spectators will have to stand at a distance and observe quiet while cameras roll.