National Collegiate Tailgating Championship in Atlanta

NCTC-300x250-02The National Collegiate Tailgating Championship is looking for the best and most fun college football tailgaters! It all takes place August 10th in the parking lots of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. A day filled with all kinds of tailgating contests.  Do you have the best flip flops?  How about the quickest relay team at putting up a tent, a grill, moving a cooler, tossing a football? Are you the cook in your tailgating group? How are you at making tailgating beverages? The event will feature the 1st ever homebrew competition in the state of Georgia! Show off your talents at The National Collegiate Tailgating Championship, August 10th in Atlanta. Entry fees range from $5 to $25 with a maximum of $250. For complete details, go online to National Collegiate Tailgating There are tons of contests to choose from! You can even enter your dog! And follow The National Collegiate Tailgating Championship on Facebook and Twitter.