Near SRO crowd at City Hall

Seats were at a premium last night at Westminster City Hall for a hearing on a request to change the zoning on Crooked Street. Opinion was divided, but most of those who spoke were opposed. And city council voted the opponents’ wishes. Ruth Osborne, an absentee property owner who lives in Atlanta, requested a general residential zone apply to her property that once was used for commercial purposes. But eight people who live in the area registered their opposition to the idea of a return to commercial use and how that property might be maintained to the detriment of their neighborhood. Applicant Osborne told the mayor and council that she has a couple of potential buyers interested in the property. One of them, Brian Sanford, said he’s interested, but wasn’t sure of the use he would make of it. Councilman Bill Brockington’s motion to deny the rezoning carried 5 to 2—with Doug Williams and Donna King Sheriff voting no.