Need a job fast? Try Quick Jobs near Seneca

All rooms were occupied this morning inside Tri-County Tech’s Quick Jobs building near Seneca. And the office receptionist was directing visitors to the services they require. It made for an ideal day to demonstrate a new way in which job services are being made available to the locally unemployed. Recent budget cuts and changes at the federal and state levels created challenges in providing services to Oconee job seekers. No longer may the unemployed report to a state-run local job center. That building sits closed on the Radio Station Road, and its future is unknown, according to Bill Sandifer, Seneca’s state representative. When Sandifer heard that the jobless were being directed to public libraries, he became concerned because the Seneca Library does not have adequate space and its personnel were not trained to help. Worklink, led by Executive Director Ronnie Allen, relocated the SC Works Center at Seneca to new, cost-effective space in the Hamilton Career Center at the Oconee campus of Tri-County Technical College. “We’re able to offer participants, as they come, in career counseling,” Allen says, along with placing the individual in a job-training program at Tech.