New Fee Structure for Public Lottery Hunts

In an effort to become more efficient and provide better customer service, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has decided to charge a non-refundable participation fee for the drawing hunts.  These fees are less than the refundable fees charged in the past years.  The fees are based upon the last three years of application and selection data.  The DNR says the fee structure is designed to insure the total accrued cost, when selected, is approximately equal to the refundable fee last year.

This new fee strategy does not change the selection process and as before, one must continue to apply annually until selected to benefit from preference points. There will be no charge or fee for youth hunts or for the youth on Adult-Youth hunts.

The purchase of temporary WMA permits is no longer a part of the application process. If you are selected to hunt, you are a South Carolina resident and need a temporary WMA permit, you will receive instructions for purchase on your hunt notification.

Below is a copy of the Fee Schedule from the Department of Natural Resources Website.

Schedule of Non-Refundable Participation Fees

Draw Hunt Fee
Webb Deer $25
Webb Deer (Archery) $20
Multi-site Deer $20
Manchester Deer $10
Croft Archery (Deer) $15
McBee Quail $5
Waterfowl $20
Belfast Turkey $5
Adult Dove (5 Fields) $10
Adult-Youth Turkey $10 (Adults only)

****Source:  South Carolina Department of Natural Resources