New lawsuit by town home owners

A new lawsuit has been filed for owners of town homes at Stoneledge at Lake Keowee. Early last month the homeowners, in their capacity as the Stoneledge property owners association, won verdicts in the amount of $5 million against builders and others involved in the construction of their complex. The plaintiffs take the position they are exercising their right to sue to satisfy the judgment. And, to satisfy the judgment, the plaintiffs’ Charleston attorneys are asking the Oconee Common Pleas Court to require two insurance companies to satisfy the judgment. This latest suit names as defendants American International Group Inc. and Cincinnati Insurance Company. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs are creditors of Bostic Brothers Construction. In the jury verdicts November 7, the company Bostic Brothers was assigned 60% negligence. The lawsuit, filed December 2, says the verdict against Bostic amounts to $3 million. At trial, the Bostic’s side did not refute the homeowners’ allegations of construction defects in their homes. It was left to the jury to decide the scope of repairs and their costs.