New partnership to fight domestic violence

Domestic Violence 2Domestic Violence 1 The plight of an Oconee domestic violence victim should be eased by a new partnership involving the Sheriff’s Office, a private detective company, and the organization planning the county’s first shelter to protect the abused. Sheriff Mike Crenshaw yesterday announced that arrangements have been made to attach ankle monitors to CDV offenders, provided a magistrate agrees. “This is something that’s going to help us protect victims,” Crenshaw said. Dale Colegrove, co-owner of DCT Detection, demonstrated an ankle monitor that an offender will be required to wear 24/7 and whose technology will activate and send a message once the offender enters a two-mile ring of a victim. And Crenshaw says there will be no cost to Oconee County taxpayers, as the offender will be required to pay $10 for every day he wears the monitor. A $500 donation for Safe Harbor shelter building fund was announced by DCT Detection and Emerge Monitoring and Bankers Financial Corporation. The two will also contribute $1 a day out of the $10 monitor fee to go toward daily operation expenses for Safe Harbor.