New potassium iodide supply available

Besides the potential for a war with North Korea and eyesight damage if you look at the eclipse without the proper eyeware, there’s something else to worry about it–and to take precaution against.  That’s the potential for a nuclear power plant emergency.  South Carolina DHEC has received 1.2 million adult doses of potassium iodide to be distributed within the 10-mile emergency planning zones of five South Carolina nuclear plants, including the Oconee Nuclear Station.  The public’s participation in this is voluntary.  People living or working inside the emergency zone may now pick up tablets for themselves and their families at health departments in 13 counties.   For additional info about the tablets that are also called KI and how you can protect yourself from radiation, call the DHEC Nuclear Response and Emergency Envriomental Surveillance at 1/844-723-7377.