New report highlights the problem

Wherever South Carolina drivers sit and talk these days you often hear of their frustration about the worsening condition of the state’s highways. Such was the case at an oil change business this morning where one customer complained specifically about buckling asphalt on highway 11 through out Oconee County. And there is a new report to highlight that the state’s worsening rural roads are prone to increased numbers of fatal accidents. The Greenville News quotes Senator Thomas Alexander, Oconee-Pickens Republican, as saying the report by the national transportation research group “TRIP” is a wake-up call to the state legislature. No one likes to pay more at the pump, but Alexander says raising the state’s gas tax “has to be part of the solution,” Alexander said in an interview with 96.3/WGOG NEWS.  South Carolina’s gas tax has remained the same since 1987.